Research Areas丨研究领域
  • Open adaptable design

  • Market/customers requirement analysis and prediction

  • Personalized design

  • Product architecture design

  • Product interface design

  • Energy storage systems design

  • Sensor monitoring of manufacturing processes

  • Advanced signal and image processing

  • Intelligent Manufacturing

  • Design and prototyping of electrical vehicles

  • Design and development of light industrial equipment

  • 开放式可适应性设计

  • 市场/客户需求分析与预测

  • 产品个性化设计

  • 产品架构设计

  • 产品接口设计

  • 储能系统设计

  • 制造过程的传感与监测

  • 信号与图像处理

  • 智能制造

  • 电动汽车的设计与原型制造

  • 轻工装备的设计与开发

Shantou University
Li Ka Shing Foundation
Shantou Institute for
Light Industrial Equipment
National Science
Foundation of China
Chinese Mechanical
Engineering Society
The International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP)
Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology